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Stephen P. King (stephenk1@home.com)
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Hitoshi Kitada wrote:
> Dear Stephen,
> My point of "not defining a unique connection between the Local
> Systems" is assumed just at the first step of the theory. This
> provides us freedom of defining connections between LSs later. On
> your point "even an infinite number of different connections are
> possible between LSs," the observable things are finite by nature of
> observation. Connections are necessary only to explain observation
> on my standpoint.

        Yes, Connections are "communication channels" and any given LS can have
only a finite number of observable configurations with which to encode a
finite number of messages and/or construct a finite number of models to
infer the observations of other LSs. The point that I has alluding to
was that there are potentially an infinite (cardinality > than the
continuum!?) number of possible different connections between them, but
these are never observable; we can only represent a finite number of
events/states thus we can only observe/be aware of a finite number of
        This speaks to the information/communication theory aspects of LS
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