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Hitoshi Kitada (hitoshi@kitada.com)
Sat, 3 Apr 1999 19:10:44 +0900

Dear Ben,

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>>>Hitoshi, your "philosophical" paper does not really address this
>>>philosophical issue.
>>>I'm not interested in philosophical verbiage so much as in the logic of
>>>this relationship.
>>I am too. Just I could not find a proper logical structure that suits the
>>situation which I want to describe.
>It seems to me that what needs to be done to place the theory on a firm
>logical foundation
>is to
>1) establish a general formalism, conceptual and mathematical, for the logic
>of wholes versus
> the logic of parts
>2) derive QM from the logic of parts and GR from the logic of wholes,
>introducing additional
> mathematical assumptions as necessary
>I have some more ideas about this, which I will give a little later when I
>have more time.

I look forward to your having time and explaining your ideas.


Best wishes,

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