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Hitoshi Kitada (hitoshi@kitada.com)
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Dear Stephen,

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> Dear Hitoshi,
> I am jumping the gun in our discussion of Weyl's idea. :) By fibering a
> Riemannian manifold with no a priori connection with quantum mechanical
> systems having a Euclidian geometry do we assume:

By this, I assume you think the inside of _one_ LS in the following questions.

> 1) that there is a Euclidian metric over each LS?

I think so inside an LS, at least as the current working hypothesis.

> 2) that each LS's clock can be used to define both a temporal and
> spatial co-ordinate (mesh) system for each?

Yes, in the same sense as above.

> 3) that the propagation of photons with in a given LS's mesh system
> follows a Minkowskian light cone structure, if we consider only
> massless particles?

I do not know how photons behave, but at least light propagates with speed c
_as a wave_ associated to photons. This does not prevent instantaneous forces
inside an LS.

> 4) would massive particles follow such a Minkowskian structure if
> gravity is very weak?

I am not sure enough, but at least by my working hypothesis any particles do
not follow Minkowskian structure if considered inside an LS.


> Later,
> Stephen

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