[time 241] Fusing Matti & Hitoshi

Ben Goertzel (ben@goertzel.org)
Sun, 18 Apr 1999 10:43:59 -0400

Well, I tried to read some of Matti's book while in Brazil, but I found it
tough going.
It would take a long time to really understand that stuff because the
is so unfamiliar. And I'm afraid I don't have the motivation to push
through it right now ;(
It does look interesting, but there are so many interesting things in the

In reading the first 30 pages, however, I noted that Matti, like Hitoshi,
posits that the universe is
of the form

                G x H

where G is GR spacetime, and H is some kind of quantum space

Differences are:

-- Matti restricts the 4-D spacetime continuum G to a subset of 8-dim space
(a restriction that would not affect any of Hitoshi's conclusions)

-- Hitoshi makes H a standard Hilbert space, whereas Matti makes H a more
complicated structure. However, Matti attempts to account for strong and
weak forces,
and in order for Hitoshi to account for these he might need to build out H
into a more
intricate structure.

So on a very cursory level, it does seem to me that there's a possibility
that the two theories
are getting at the same thing. But this conclusion ~may~ be due to my not
having looked deeply
enough into Matti's theory to really understand it.



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