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Hitoshi Kitada (hitoshi@kitada.com)
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Dear Friends,

Is there anyone who has Frieden's book?

Best wishes,

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> > I have assembled a link page on Fisher information and have a
> >definition: "The Fisher Information about a parameter is defined to
> >be \theta the expectation of the second derivative of the
> >loglikelihood."
> >http://members.home.net/stephenk1/Outlaw/fisherinfo.html
> > But I am still needing an intuitive grasp of that it means. :)
> In short, when you estimate a parameter, you estimate it's value usually by
> the estimate of the parameter to be the maximum likelihood value. So we get
> estimated parameter value, and we know it's uncertain. Imagine it as a
> distribution, the center of which is our estimate, and the variance of which
is the
> uncertainty we have in the location of our estimate. The Fischer
> essentially describes how sharp that normal distribution is around our
> More Fischer Information roughly implies a more informative estimate (i.e.
> spread around the MLE).
> Hope it helps,

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