[time 446] Some New Mathematics

Fri, 16 Jul 1999 06:17:19 EDT

Time Group,

Some of you math whizzes out there may like to see a formalism I have
developed concerning a proposed structure for the universe. A proof of the
mathematical object starts on page 4 of the website:

For a direct link press -> <A
HREF="http://members.tripod.com/~EshlemanW/">Bill's Many-Worlds Page

I am a bit of a whiz on developing infinite product identities for constants
and functions, but am a youngster concerning physical interpretation... so
you may wish to skip the words and look only at the math, contrary to the way
most of us read papers containing math we don't immediately understand. Any
form of feedback will be gratefully accepted. I have included the ABSTRACT
of the site below.


This report shows that an equivalence of infinite mathematical sequences
exists between the Lorentz factor, 1/(1 - v^2/c^2) and a proposed
gravitational factor, 1/(1 - GM/R/c^2). The equivalent sequences are derived
from infinite product forms of the above relationships. And, just as it is
assumed that v^2/c^2 can only approach unity, so too it is assumed that
GM/R/c^2 can only approach unity. This leads to a black hole with finite
radius, entropy, and event horizon as well as the same for the universe.

Conventional wisdom indicates that such a flat universe would be neither open
nor closed. But the conclusion drawn here is that what the mathematics
represents is a "confined" universe that exists within its event horizon,
confined by a multitude of parallel universes that exist outside the event
horizon of each of many-worlds. Together, these many-worlds comprise the


Bill Eshleman

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