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Sun, 18 Jul 1999 14:45:44 EDT

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> Waking-up means formation of self. This process seems to take
> place gradually: subselves of self wake up one by one. Even subselves
> with different temporal cm coordinats could participate in
> wake-up process. This could perhaps explain the experiences
> of several subsequent wake-ups: for instance, a wake up
> in say childhood home could be followed by a wake-up
> in own bed.


I shall not assume that you are not aware of The Many-Worlds Interpretation
of QM, but if you think the above way, then you cannot dismiss M-W's from
consideration. I will not bore you with my ravings here, but will point you
David Deutsch's page:
<A HREF="http://www.qubit.org/people/david/David.html ">David Deutsch</A>


Bill Eshleman

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