[time 463] Thoughts and selves

Matti Pitkanen (matpitka@pcu.helsinki.fi)
Wed, 21 Jul 1999 14:51:05 +0300 (EET DST)

Dear Stephen et al,

A small 'selfish' digression about the topic of conversation
grew up to not so short digression. I glue it below with subtitles
added to make it more essay like.

1. Self makes two types of quantum jumps

Essential point is that self can make two kinds of quantum jumps.

i) Entanglement between cognitive spacetime sheets
and matterlike spacetime sheets is reduced. This corresponds
to 'whole-body' experience in which matter-mind entanglent
is destroyed. These selfs might correspond to the mystic experiences
described by mystics like Krishnamurti.
 Also I have them now and
the. Last time I had this kind of experience when my cat
was sleeping above my breast. I woke up and my entire breast
was in a state of whole body consciousness. Like thrills
along spine but in entire breast. No dissipation
occurs at subsystem level during these experiences and hence
neurons, etc... do not get older nor suffer irreversible changes.
Whole body consciousness, if it could be generated, artificially
could have obvious medical applications!

ii) Candidate for a new subself is generated in quantum jump in which
subsystem of self containing both matter and mind like spacetime sheets
is generated. This quantum jumps decomposes self into two subselves
if the resulting unentangled subsytems are able to remain
unentangled during subsequence informational time developments.
These subselves are created all the time in ordinary wake-up
consciousness and their quantum jumps give rise to not so pleasant 'noise'
all around body: this noise disappears when 'whole-body' consciousness
starts: the sudden fall of this 'silence' is dramatic experience.

Self can also wake-up spontaneously: informational time development U
generates vanishing p-adic entanglement. Selves fall asleep and
hence disapper always spontaneously.

These two type of quantum jumps *compete*: strong NMP tells the
type of quantum jump that occurs.

[I believed earlier that only matter-mind like quantum jumps occur but I
was *wrong*: this would trivialized strong NMP totally!
In the new picture infinite primes characterize selves rather
than all possible subsysten-complement decompositions]

2. Thoughts, perceptions, cognitions as sequences of awakenings

Consider now the model for thought.

a) The dynamically generated nested inclusion of selves inside
selves is crucial for cognitive acts. This provides a realization of

A-->B as B subset A.

Self1 implies self2 when self2 is subself of self1.

b) Thoughts and more generally all cognitive acts
A-->B-->C -->...are sequences of awakenings.
Logical causation is realized also as temporal causation.
Note that A B and C are experienced simultaneously as subselves
of self but B and C and created later than A!

i) Self A wakes up and begins to perform matter-mind like quantum jumps
(perhaps something like 10^39 per second!): U generates everytime
matter-mind type entanglement and outcome might be with high probability
the same everytime.

ii) Self B could be generated by quantum
jump or possibly spontaneously. I would bet that all selves
have real quantum entanglement very near to critical value
below which real entanglement is mapped to p-adically vanishing
entanglement (recall pinary cutoff!).

iii) This would be like starting from the root of tree and going
downwards along the tree choosing at each node some branch.
For instance, sentence corresponds to large self A, words
its subselves B_i, phonemes to subselves of C_ij of B_i, etc...
created in this order. Also the decomposition of the figure
to objects and of objects to subobjects would correspond similar
temporal sequence generating selves within selves. Background
would be the largest self and objects would correspond to sequences.

c) Statistical determism implies reliability if there is ensemble
of these selves. If subselves make with high probability
same matter-mind type quantum jump everytime, thoughts
are reliable. This is possible.

3. Biological realization of the dynamical self hierarchies

I would bet that neurons are only one level
of selves in this hierarchy starting from the level of
body and sensory organs and ending to at the level of
64 basic DNA triplest via neurons and microtubules and all
 between. The fact that Buddhist classify fundamental experiences to
64 basic types in I Chin, might mean, that they have achieved in
meditation the level of DNA selves and recognized its presence

The syncronous firing of neurons would mean waking up
of neuronal selves in cascade like manner (fox perceived by
crowd of hens sleeping initially!). Receival of
nerve pulse would wake up neuron. This suggests
strongly that neuron and also other subsystems of living
systems have small real entangelment slightly above the critical
value for wake-up so that small perturbation is needed for wake-up.

4. Quantum criticality of TGD and existence of selves

One consequence of quantum criticality of TGD could
be the existence of a lot of subsystems for which each
quantum jump U generates real entanglement only slightly
above the critical entanglement. TGD:eish universe suffers
from asomnia as do also I(;-).


Matti Pitkanen

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