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>The following preprint is available:
>The Physical Limits of Communication, or Why Any Sufficiently Advanced
>Technology is Indistinguishable from Noise
>Michael Lachmann, M.E.J. Newman, and Cristopher Moore
>Submitted to Nature.
>It has been well-known since the pioneering work of Claude Shannon in the
>1940s that a message transmitted with optimal efficiency over a channel of
>limited bandwidth is indistinguishable from random noise to a receiver who
>is unfamiliar with the language in which the message is written. In this
>letter we demonstrate an equivalent result about electromagnetic
>transmissions. We show that when electromagnetic radiation is used as the
>transmission medium, the most information-efficient format for a given
>message is indistinguishable from black-body radiation to a receiver who
>is unfamiliar with that format. The characteristic temperature of the
>radiation is set by the amount of energy used to make the transmission. If
>information is not encoded in the direction of the radiation, but only its
>timing, energy or polarization, then the most efficient format has the
>form of a one-dimensional black-body spectrum which is easily
>distinguished from the three-dimensional case.
>This paper can be downloaded from http://www.santafe.edu/~moore
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