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> I would like to shift the discussion to other issues for a while.
> Perhaps we could examine Bill's infinite products and its implications.

Stephen and other people,
Thanks for the request. Let's first get some groundrules.

1) I am not the average Many-Worlds believer. I do not adhere to the MWs
conclusion that copies exist, in MWs, of people, animals, interferometers or
any other macroscopic object. What I speculate on is the possibility that
are copied into MWs; ie, matter reveals itself as photons in other worlds and
photons in our world reveal matter in other worlds.

2) I do not follow the argument that time is a dimension since my analysis
depends on the Lorentz factor, (1/(1 - v^2/c^2)), being due entirely to the
distribution of the reflection of signals we receive from other worlds due our
presence in this world. Therefore I do not think of Many-Space-Time-Worlds,
but speculate instead on Many-Classical-Worlds where high energy
interactions reveal copies of signals, but do not indicate a 4th imaginary

3) Therefore I closely follow the work of Dr. Paul Marmet of the University
Ottawa's Physics Department. Dr. Marmet's homepage is:


Dr. Marmet derives the Lorentz factor from the principle of conservation of
mass/energy of atoms, and basic rules of Quantum Mechanics. This
ability is really astonishing since it is at least a partial unification of
Relativity and Quantum Mechanics, a result possible only after putting
time where it belongs. Please take a look at Dr. Marmet's work. I am
respectfully sending this note to Dr. Marmet as well as to the TIME group
in the hope that he will partake (he does not need MWs, but I do need his



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