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> What I speculate on is the possibility that
> > signals
> > are copied into MWs; ie, matter reveals itself as photons in other
> and
> > photons in our world reveal matter in other worlds.
> Umm, are you familiar with the supersymmetry transformation that
> involves the transformation of bosons (such as photons) into fermions
> (such as electrons, protons, etc.) and vise versa. I have always
> wondered why such a beautiful symmetry is not experimentally obvious.
> Maybe because we are looking too hard for it! :-) In my thinking the
> Universe objects are composed of quantum systems (no "ultimate
> indivisible particles") to for local systems, these quantum systems
> would, if we suppose that the "Super Poincare" symmetry is real, have
> both "matter" and "photon" properties. Now, what if we fail to see the
> multitude of particles that the usual interpretation of supersymmetry
> generates for the same reason that we do not see the other worlds?

Please, my mind cannot explain as fast as you can understand. :-)
I prefer to think of the sequence forms of my infinite product as
"Broken Lorentz Symmetry Transformations" which leave invariant
the form:

(x^(2^n))^2 + (y^(2^n))^2 + (z^(2^n))^2 - (R^(2^n))^2.

The infinite group of Lorentz factors is therefore:

       1/(1 - (B^(2^n)))^(1/2^n) where n=0,inf & 0<B<1


       1/(1-B), 1/(1-B^2)^(1/2), 1/(1-B^4)^(1/4), 1/(1-B^8)^(1/8),
1/(1-B^16)^(1/16), ...

The infinite product for 1/(1-B) contains all of these factors and is easily
transformed into them by moving factors from the right side to the left
side of the identity Theorem VI.

I presently think of the bosons as being represented by the factors of the
infinite product for 1/(1-B), not the Lorentz factors. Feel free to speculate
if you would, as I am in much need of some creativity. Some sites
concerning super-symmetry would be good too. I'm not dumb,
just ignorant.



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