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> [MP] The splitting process is something which multi-universalistist do not
> specify precisely. Precisely how this splitting occurs? Does it occur
> every moment of time? Which is the orthonormal basis in which each
> component Psi_n is expressed at given moment of splitting so that every
> component represents new split world? It would seem that there must be
> some preferred basis but which is this basis?
> My own view is that 'splitting' occurs in the following sense. During each
> quantum jump state Psi_i, superposition of macroscopically equivalent
> spacetime surfaces, develops unitarily to UPsi_i, in which macroscopically
> non-equivalent 4-surfaces appear. This is followed by quantum jump
> to state Psi_f, which is again superposition of macroscopically equivalent
> 4-surfaces.
> UPsi_i would indeed split into superposition of states Psi_f^n, which
> all are superpositions of macroscopically equivalent spacetime surfaces.
> The unique basis would be defined by eigenstates of density matrices for
> various selves (p-adically unentangled subsystems). Each split branch
> would be unconscious. The moment of consciousness associated with
> UPsi_i-->Psi_f selects one from the superposition of split worlds.
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> MP


        "The Geiger counter splits when the amplification process became
        irreversible, before the click is emitted. (See "What is a
        measurement?") The splitting is local (originally in the region of
        Geiger counter in our example) and is transmitted causally to more
        distant systems. (See "Is many-worlds a local theory?" and "Does the
        experiment prohibit locality?") The precise moment/location of the
        is not sharply defined due to the subjective nature of
        but can be considered complete when much more than kT of energy has
        released in an uncontrolled fashion into the environment. At this
        the event has become irreversible.

        "The wavefunction does not merely encode the all the information
         about an object, but has an observer-independent objective existence
         and actually is the object. For a non-relativistic N-particle system
         wavefunction is a complex-valued field in a 3-N dimensional space."

From: http://www.hedweb.com/everett/everett.htm



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