[time 596] Worlds, Dimensions, and TGD

Mon, 23 Aug 1999 04:09:07 EDT

You have proposed a 4-dimensional surface in an
8-dimensional space...what made you arrive there
instead of, say, a 4-dimensional surface on (in) a
5-dimensional space, (or 6 or 7)? The way you did
this, by doubling, is appropriate to a conversion to
a statement of worlds instead of dimensions, without
altering what you have already done. That is,
rewording we might say, 4-worlds confining
(or confined by) 8-worlds. Now, if we define a world
as a classical volume, the infinite structure of
reality (the total model for TGD) might be proposed
as 1-world confining 2-worlds confining 4-worlds
confining 8-worlds confining 16-worlds, etc.
Or as you would say it: a 1-dimensional surface in
a 2-dimensional space in a 4-dimensional space in
an 8-dimensional space in a 16-dimensional space, etc.

In relation to my own work, you have done what I could
not do; you solved the geometry and discovered rules for
the problem of 4-worlds confined by 8-worlds, but at the
same time you have left my speculation undone. That is,
that the worlds increase as 2^N in abundance at levels N =
0 to infinity. Finishing up with 1-2, 2-4 and to infinity
by induction would be very interesting to me. And who
knows, maybe some of those "embarrassing" predictions
may disappear on the completion of the geometry.



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