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Stephen P. King (stephenk1@home.com)
Fri, 27 Aug 1999 03:58:34 -0400

Dear Matti,

Matti Pitkanen wrote:
> When this book is published?

        I can find the origional reference but I think it was in the early
> By the way, 8-dimensional imbedding space is of maximal dimension in the
> sense that only in this dimension two 4-surfaces in general intersect
> in point just as two curves in plane intersect generalically
> but miss each other in dimensions D>2.

        Yes, I agree! I will be looking into Pratt's Chu_8 spaces, there is a
relation there!
> This might have some deep implications. For instance, cognitive
> spacetime sheets would generically intersect material
> spacetime sheets in D=8 but not in D>9. D<9 maximimizes
> geometric contact interactions in well defined sense.

        Wow! That would be great if we could prove it.
> Furthermore, two 3-surfaces in 7-dimensional lightcone
> boundary delta M^4_+c xCP_3 or in a=constant hyperboloid can get
> linked just as curves in 3-space get linked. Could the linking
> of 3-surfaces can have any physical effects? It could if
> the topological reaction destroying the linking requires
> large enough energy: in this case linked 3-surface would be
> confined.

        Could the linking be use to define entanglement or locality? It does
seem that a Planck energy is needed in a Planck volume to achive grand
symmetry, perhaps it is here were topological variations occur... I
don't know...



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