[time 635] Re: [time 634] Paul Marmet

Hitoshi Kitada (hitoshi@kitada.com)
Sun, 29 Aug 1999 16:22:44 +0900

Dear Bill,

I understand. If he feels it a burdon to remain in the list, it is easy for
him to unregister from the time list. Just send

unsubscribe time



from his registered address:


Best wishes,
Hitoshi Kitada

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> Hitoshi, Stephen and Matti,
> Paul has indicated to me in a note that he is
> moving his computer equipment and will not
> be available for comments while in the
> transition period. I think that he should be
> taken off of the time list so that he is not
> overwhelmed with mail when he reconnects.
> This is with the intention of getting him back
> on once he is settled at his new location. He
> has our addresses in his old mail, but I will
> check back to see if he is back on-line. He
> indicates that his address will remain:
> Paul.Marmet@Ottawa.com
> Sincerely,
> Bill

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