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> Subj: Re: Delay
> Date: 8/27/99 11:15:32 AM Eastern Daylight Time
> From: Paul.Marmet@Ottawa.com (Paul Marmet)
> To: WDEshleman@aol.com
> Dear Bill,
> I have been told by the head of the physics department here, that I cannot
> keep questioning the fundamental principles of physics. They say that it
> is wrong to do that. Everything is already known. The director told me
> that I cannot discuss that subject with students.
> Since I am still doing it, I have been ordered to clear my office before
> the end of August. In other words, I am expelled from the university.
> Consequently, I am moving everything home. You can understand that for
> some time, I will not have enough time to participate to discussion on
> fundamental physics.
> At home, I will have the same e-mail address which is:
> Paul.Marmet@Ottawa.com
> I hope to get some contacts with you and your group later.
> Sincerely,
> Paul Marmet

I guess that the North American Continent is sheltering its kids again.

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