[time 689] Re: [time 688] Re: [time 687] Re: [time 686] Time operator?

Hitoshi Kitada (hitoshi@kitada.com)
Mon, 6 Sep 1999 17:46:10 +0900

Dear Stephen,

> Hi Hitoshi,
> It would be canonically conjugate to the LS's Hamiltonian... It's
> energy?

Let H be the Hamiltonian of the LS: L, consisting of N particles 1,2, ... ,N.
H acts on the state vector (function) Psi(t) of the system, where t is the
local time of L. In this case what do you mean by canonical conjugate to H? If
such a conjugate exists, on what space is it defined (or on which things does
the canonical conjugate, say T, act), and how does T act on such things? H in
itself means the energy in QM.

Best wishes,

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