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> I've now read your paper on local times. Usually when I read
> I find my intuitions evaporate and my notions crushed, but
> when I read your work I find that you agree that relativity alters
> the subjective experience of the observer, but to say that the
> Schrodinger perspective is the objective perspective for local
> systems? I will accept that. It is interesting to note that a
> "factorial operator" will transform
> 1/(1-x) = (1+x+x^2+x^3+ ...) to
> exp(x) = (1+x+x^2/2!+x^3/3!+...).
> As you say in your paper, "The quantum phenomena occurring is a local
> system follow non-relativistic quantum mechanics, but the observed
> values of quantum mechanical quantities should be corrected according
> to the classical relativity so that the corrected values equal the values
> predicted by the (non-relativistic) quantum mechanics."
> Would not the "factorial operator" qualify as a corrector?

Yes, if you mean by the factorial operator the one that tansforms n to n!,
your statement is right and justifies the transformation from QM to Relativity
and vice versa, on the level of calculus/mathematical rules. I postulated this
relation between QM and relativity as a mathematical framewrok and proved its
consistency as a mathematical theorem. We have justifications on the same
level: I think you can assure the consistency of the two views related by the
transformation by the factorial operator with some additional words.

As a corrector, the factorial operator transformation might be useful in
applications and would make the understanding of the consistent unification of
the two seemingly contradictory views easier.

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> Bill

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