[time 715] Re: [time 710] Re: [time 709] FTL propagations

Hitoshi Kitada (hitoshi@kitada.com)
Thu, 9 Sep 1999 03:59:24 +0900

Dear Bill,

Before going further, let me ask a question on your paper:

A Many-Worlds Wave-Object paradigm for
Quantum Inertia and Quantum Gravity

in your web page.

In page02a, you wrote

"Everett's interpretation demands the continuous and deterministic change of
the state function (psi), of an isolated system, with time according to a wave
equation d psi/d t = x psi, where x is a linear operator. Letting (psi_0) be
the present state, then psi = psi_0 + x psi =psi_0/(1-x) predicts all future
states; or equivalently,

psi 1
----- = ---- "
psi_0 1-x

Here you seem to think that the solution of the differential equation

d psi/d t = x psi, with initial condition psi(0) = psi_0 (0)


psi(t) = psi_0 / (1-x). (1)

My mathematics however tells the solution is

psi(t) = exp(tx) psi_0, (2)

if x is a time independent operator.

I wonder how you derived (1).

Best wishes,

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