[time 747] Re: [time 744] My Paradigm Shift

Sat, 11 Sep 1999 09:33:44 EDT


The nature or structure of an object independent
of observation.

The nature or structure of an object as it appears to an

Light speed would then be subjective, and
FTL (and/or infinite speed) an objective property?

Yes. In your definition of objective and subjective, I agree.

Yes, something is lacking in those statements; e.g.:

1) Where does objective end and subjective begin?

2) Can an objective mathematical model have both
    objective and subjective properties?

3) Mathematics doesn't "kick back" like objects do,
    so is there really no hope of obtaining a mathematical
    model that describes real phenomena? Does the ability
    to write it down with symbols demand that it is therefore

4) What is the degree of "distortion" experienced by
    an observer? Could the "distortion" sometimes be
    negligible? Or, always be zero?

5) Can the mind imagine a unique correct objective structure?
    Or will the mind always be restricted to contemplating
    multiple consistent objective structures? Optimistically,
    the unique correct objective structure, is the simplest
    model with the best explanation, is it not?

6) Would not an objective structure that allows instantaneous
    communication between its parts, be composed of rigid and
    incompressible objects that transmit displacements due to
    the direct contact between all of the objects?


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