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Dear Matti,

I hope you would respond to the following questions of mine:

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> Dear Matti,
> I have simple questions before going further.
> What is z in your explanation? Is it the third spatial coordinate,
> constituting the three dimensional spatial coordinates (x,y,z) together with
> x_T=(x,y)? And what is Psi? Is Psi a wave function of the total universe in
> your context? If so, it seems not uniquely determined by the equation
> L_0(tot)Psi=0.
> If Psi is not unique, what universe are you speaking of? Or does this
> hold for any state Psi of the universe? Also do you speak of a universe
> matter inside it? How are the interactions between matters included?
> Also, are L_0(tot) and L_0 the same or different operators? And * in your
> equation
> i(d/dt)*Psi = [p_T^2/P -L_0/P]Psi==L_0* Psi
> a convolution or something else?
> Best wishes,
> Hitoshi

Best wishes,

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