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Thu, 16 Sep 1999 13:15:32 EDT

The concept of generalized lexicon lends support for the idea
that TGD:eish Universe has enough subjective memory to discover
laws of physics and consciousness.

Is this equivalent to saying that the TGD:eish Universe allows for its
own self-awareness? This speaks to the idea that "we are the Universe
experiencing itself". :-)

Precisely. Universe is the highest self in the hierarchy of selves
and is continually awake since it cannot entangle with anything larger
and thus lose its consciousness.

It is only a look[HK]. The reasoning that leads to the relativistic
prediction of the phenomenon of an event horizon surrounding a
black-hole at R = 2 * G * M / c^2, also leads to a relativistic event-
horizon surrounding a universe. Matti, I know what you think of
Everett's incomplete theory, but please stay with my reasoning...
The event-horizon prohibits seeing the other universes as phenomena,
but interference between selves in different universes (a photon/object
interferes only with itself) is allowed. Photons interfere with self as
detected by interference patterns; matter interferes with self (I
suggest) as detected by the Lorentz transform. Limitation of
reality to a single universe is a galling limitation. I would prefer
to say myself that, The multiverse is the highest self in a
heirarchy of selves each of which is unable to interact (make a
measurement) with any other self, but can interfer with identical
selves in nearly identical universes. Therefore, consciousness
is the result of self interfering with many nearly identical selves.

You see, MWI can lead to a theory of consciousness that is
a continual interference between like sub-consciousness'.



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