[time 781] RE: [time 779] Re: [time 778] Re: Noumenon and Phenomenon => Mind-Body problem.

Lancelot Fletcher (lance.fletcher@freelance-academy.org)
Fri, 17 Sep 1999 17:17:00 -0500

Dear Stephen,

> Here I go again! ;-) We are getting back to the problem
> that Vaughan
> Pratt addresses in his paper ratmech.ps
> (http://boole.stanford.edu/chuguide.html#ratmech) The relation between
> noumenon and phenomenon is reflected in the mind-body problem to which a
> solution is addressed. I am unhappy that the paper is very difficult to
> comprehend as it is written in the language of theoretical computer
> science, but I am working hard to translate it over for our use.
> (BTW, I
> understand Lance's objections, but we do need some falsifiability in our
> models of the world!)

I hope you won't think I am being unfair, but the claim that a model or
theory is falsifiable is a strong claim. Indeed, it might be a falsifiable
claim with respect to Pratt's paper. Therefore, as proof, I request that
you cite at least one falsifiable proposition contained in Pratt's paper
or, if you are unable to do so, explain how it makes sense to describe
Pratt's theory as falsifiable.

Lance Fletcher, President
The Free Lance Academy Foundation

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