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Matti Pitkanen (matpitka@pcu.helsinki.fi)
Sat, 18 Sep 1999 14:38:53 +0300 (EET DST)

Below a posting sent originally to other discussion group.

Many-sheeted spacetime concepts (for illustrations see my homepage
http://www.physics.helsinki.fi/~matpitka/) provides many good themes
for science fiction writer. I leave aside the predictions of TGD
inspired theory of consciousness here and concentrate on some
possibilities allowed by the manysheeted spacetime concept.

    1. Spacetime sheets form a hierarchy.

For instance, our body corresponds to a spacetime sheet such that its
outer boundary corresponds to our skin and external spacetime to us
corresponds to larger spacetime sheets. Nuclear spacetime sheets have
condensed on atomic have condensed on molecular.... on cellular.....
galactic ... spacetime sheets.

The larger the spacetime sheet, the smaller the average density of matter
(fractality). Quite recent data from Hubble telescope force nonvanishing
cosmological constant in standard model of cosmology: in TGD the presence
of the spacetime sheet hierarchy explains the effect. The larger
the spacetime sheet the smaller the average mass density and
the smaller the gravitational attraction and the larger the expansion
velocity. See the chapter "TGD inspired cosmology" at

TGD based model of biosystem relies crucially on the concept of
manysheeted spacetime. For instance, the model of EEG and nerve
pulse relies on Bose Einstein condensation of particle like
"wormhole contacts" connecting different spacetime sheets.
See the chapter "TGD inspired model of EEG and nerve pulse" at

    2. The sign of classical energy depends on time orientation of
       the spacetime sheet

This is unique feature of submanifold gravitation differentiating it
from GRT and ordinary field theories. This feature is directy
related to the fact the energy momentum current is vector
field rather than tensor field: this in turn makes it
possible to define total energy as integral of energy density.
The fact that this is not possible in GRT, was the problem,
whose solution led to TGD.

    3. Effects occurring only in bad scifi

a) If spacetime sheets with negative time orientation can be created
then energy production and space travel "buy now pay later" principle
is possible. TGD explanation of Faraday effect
and N machine could be manifestation of negative energy space time
sheets. Compentent science fiction writer could imagine civilizations
able to generate galaxies from vacuum and add to the soup also
the claimed feats of yogis.

b) The possibility to gain energy by generating negative energy spacetime
sheets could lead to anomalous heating and poltergeist effects in which
material object gains large kinetic energy from "nowhere".

c) Levitation could be possible. I am usually 'topologically condensed'
on the spacetime sheet containing Earth's gravitational field. If I
were able to temporally topologically condense on some much larger
spacetime sheet, I would not feel Earth's gravitation. One can imagine
some topological mechanisms making this possible but whether this can
really occur is empirical question.

d) "Fusion" of dissimilar materials such as metal and wood is possible.
If some material object we able to topologically condense on larger
spacetime sheet temporarily, it could approach second object located
its everydaily spacetime sheet and perhaps apparently go through it.
Whether this is really possible, of course depends on interactions
between matter on different spacetime sheets and I cannot say much about

This would work also in nuclear scale and would make possible to avoid
Coulomb wall and make cold fusion possible. The model
of cold fusion based on "Trojan horse effect" is described in
chapter 'TGD and nuclear physics' of 'p-Adic TGD' at
Also catalytic action might involve what I call "Houdini effect":
molecule could free itself from the jail build by high
Coulomb walls by hopping to a second spacetime sheet.

A confession: the proposed effects were not totally a product of my
insane imagination, the real guilty is Hutckinson! There is claim that so
called Hutckinson effect includes as special cases these effects. I do
not know whether H-effect is real or not but it certainly could occur in
some corner of TGD:eish universe.

Matti Pitkanen

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