[time 787] Event-Horizons & Mind-Body

Sat, 18 Sep 1999 18:37:06 EDT


Recently I have expounded my opinion that in addition
to the event-horizon that the mainstream believes to be
around a black-hole; I suggest that atoms, molecules,
and a universe have their own event-horizons. Even
photons in a beam of light can be thought of as being
behind an event-horizon, when viewed from the side.
Event-horizons render what is inside to be invisible from
outside. However, when the event-horizons of 2 or more
atoms (protons) interact (interfere), this invisible structure
can confine systems of electrons to various shapes. Our
bodies and brains are such confined systems of electrons
plus the invisible structure that manages to hold everything
together. Now, imagine the invisible structure separated
from the total (brain/body) structure...What have you got left?
A cloud of electrons, of huge charge and magnetizm...MIND.
And what we took out is almost all of the mass...BODY.



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