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Ben Goertzel (ben@goertzel.org)
Mon, 27 Sep 1999 14:56:49 -0400

> > When one local system interacts with another it can perhaps be viewed as
> > sending some kind
> > of "messenger" entity to the other; thus we have a new kind of
> boundary { }
> > representing
> > a voyager from one local system to another?
> { } here is different from the { } above representing the
> universe? Or do you
> mean many (local) universes exist?

Yikes!!! very bad. I inadvertently reused the same notation ;(

There just aren't enough parentheses in the world...

yes, my {} voyagers are different from the whole universe. The whole
universe I'll
represent by

        [_ _]

In other words, this represents a global system rather than a local system

We then have

        [_ _] = global system
        [ ] = local system
        { } = messenger (voyager)
        < > = quantum logical form

> So you think three kinds of components for the universe? Local
> systems, local
> universes and the voyagers or messengers?

No, sorry -- global systems, local systems, messengers and (quantum) logical
> > Anyone ever build a "quantum Laws of Form" ? This would seem
> to be what we
> > need here.
> Yes, this is necessary to recover the world.

I have some ideas on this, I need to write them down

It's not hard to get quantum logic from a Laws of Form -like formalism.

The trick will be to get quantum dynamics to emerge from a simple
"re-entrant form"
or iteration on this space...

> Is quantum boundary < > different from [ ] above?

The boundary [] demarcates a local system, a subjective reality

The quantum boundary <> is an elementary quantum logical operator, which may
be nested
<<>> or put side by side <> <> to yield arbitrary quantum propositions.
(By analogy
to Spencer-Brown's Laws of Form which similarly yields Boolean algebra). I
need to work
out the details, which may of course fail to work ;O

> How are/do these three
> kinds of boundary defined/work? Or what postulates do you require them to
> satisfy?

More later!!


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