[time 832] RE: [time 825] Chu spaces, causality, local systems... quantum laws of form? ...

Lancelot Fletcher (lance.fletcher@freelance-academy.org)
Wed, 29 Sep 1999 01:07:38 -0500

Dear Ben,

> I have read Hitoshi's papers again and remain convinced that this is a
> fascinating
> direction for physics... and remain concerned about how it
> generalizes to
> deal with
> weak & strong nuclear forces...

Sometimes the concerns that people express provide a big opening for mutual
understanding because they may give one person an access that would not
otherwise be available to the particular way in which another person has
interpreted the subject under discussion. Like you, I am convinced that
Hitoshi's work represents, as you put it, "a fascinating direction for
physics." But it would not have occurred to me to express, as one of my
main concerns, how Hitoshi's theory "generalizes to deal with weak & strong
nuclear forces." It's not that I am confident that Hitoshi's theory _does_
deal with weak and strong nuclear forces. What perplexes me is that I do
not even see why this particular question should arise, or how it could be
properly framed, in the context of Hitoshi's theory.

I would be glad to explain more of what I mean by that, but first I request
that you explain the process of your reflection on Hitoshi's ideas which
led you to conclude that this particular concern was the one that needed to
be expressed.

Lance Fletcher, President
The Free Lance Academy Foundation

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