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> This is exactly what I assume about local systems. The observer (each of us)
> does not know beforehand how the space is curved. We have to assume our
> system
> is the standard, thus it does not have any curvature. Viz. our local system
> must be Euclidean for each of us.
> > So, I can't define a chart large enough to contain two distinct points
> > and any geodesic linking them -- which is what you wanted here.
> In this point I differ from his. We each cannot know the curvature if it
> existed, even if we could reach to the infinite point in our local system
> as
> far as we remain inside it. Only when we open our eyes and see the outside,
> the outside tells us it might be different from our own world (LS). Thus
> observation gives us GR.
> Best wishes,
> Hitoshi
Suppose that the distortion is of the distance to an
observed object, but without angular curvature.
Would our LS then appear as 3-D, but in reality
the distance be compressed or stretched?

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