[time 953] Re: [time 952] Re: [time 951] Goedel's incompleteness implies the existence of time

Stephen P. King (stephenk1@home.com)
Fri, 22 Oct 1999 14:59:02 -0400

Dear Hitoshi,

        An additional point...

"Stephen P. King" wrote:

> [SPK]
> > > The final sentence of the paper is especially dear to me: "...time is
> > > an indefinite desire to reach the balance that only the Universe [in
> > > itself] has." I see this as being the key to the phenomenology of time
> > > as expressed in the 'tension' of dissimilarity between the whole of the
> > > Universe as a totality and the parts thereof. I am reminded of my
> > > definitions of the word universe:
> > >
> > > 1) The Totality of Existence, All that exists. (This is the "objective"
> > > definition")
> > > 2) The sum, set or class of all observables that a given observer may be
> > > aware, measure, etc. of. (This is the "subjective definition")
> [HK]
> > Yes, the discrepancy between the "objective" universe and the "subjective"
> > universe is the cause that time exists subjectively (i.e locally).
> I have though for a long time that "experiences" or the content of
> subjective experience is constructed/simulated/generated/computed by the
> never ending mapping between the Whole and the Part. This, in my strange
> visual way of thinking, is what constitutes action/movement/etc. in
> general...

        Thinking further about this, I should say that this mapping *is* the
content of subjective experience itself! Since there is more than one
possible mapping there exist more than one observer! Umm, the
disjointness of observers would imply a disjointness of these mappings.
(The lack of a "connection" is also implicit!) Thus we could think of
the subjective "flow" of time as a stream of mappings between a
particular LS and the Universe.
        BTW, the concept of "streams" that Peter discussed applies here because
there is no unique initiality definable, as is assumed in the "strings"
model of ordinary computational systems! Does this make sense? To say
that a certain mapping is the "first" or "last" in an absolute sense
implies to a God-like point of view and as we can see clearly, such is
never available to finite observers!
        It is important to note to use of Goedel's Incompleteness in computer
science. It, at least to me :-), is becoming clear that GIT is a
"missing link" between physics and computation!


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