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Stephen P. King (stephenk1@home.com)
Mon, 25 Oct 1999 21:02:38 -0400

Hi All,

        What can we do to help Alexander?

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Stephen P. King wrote:

> Dear Dr. Zenkin,
> Several people, including myself, are looking at your work with come
> interest! :-) I personally was wondering if your notion of
> Superinduction could be similar to what is called "Non-Well Founded Set
> theory" as explained by Barwise and others.
> http://bugs.cs.wcupa.edu/~lizhang/Thesis/
> http://ns.i.kyushu-u.ac.jp/~masa/summer-algi98/relational-set-theory/node1.html
> I am also wondering if you would have the time ;^) to comment on the
> papers by Prof. Hitoshi Kitada: http://www.kitada.com/#time
> Kindest regards,
> Stephen
> BTW, I am very intrigued by your discussion of Leibnitz's work!
> http://members.home.net/stephenk1/Outlaw/Outlaw.html

Dear Stephen P. King,

thank you very much for your kind message and for your deep understanding of an
esoteric philosophical background of my works.

  I envy sincerely you and your friends for you have a possibility to think and to
discuss such interesting problems. Alas, I have no possibility here and now to do
the same. In the modern Russia, the science goes to the end,. . . together with
some scientists who are able to engage in a science only. I have FOUR university
educations in Chemistry, Mathematics, Logic, and Philosophy, about 200 papers, a
lot of important scientific achievements, etc., and my dear government pays me a
salary . . . $45 per month. I have three competitive scientific grants. but russian
grants, i.e., with a funny financing. So, I have no money to pay even my e-mail and
WEB-site next month. Therefore, today my only business is a search of possibilities
to run to any country where I could engage in a science under normal civilized
   I would be very thankful for any help to find a people who might be interested
in my scientific results and had possibilty to invite me for a collaborative work
in science areas presented at my WEB-site.
   Sorry for this sad message.

P.S. Send you my personal mental greeting, . . . for soul : -)
The attached file is an MS-WORD-FOR-WINDOWS-zip file.

Best regards,

Alexander Zenkin

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