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Dear Hitoshi and Friends,

Hitoshi Kitada wrote:
> Is John Baez a journalist?

        No, I would not say that Baez is a journalist, he is a "mathematical
physicist who specializes in quantum gravity and n-category theory"

        He writes a column called "This Week's Finds in Mathematical Physics"
that outlines his adventures, it is like a public diary...
> Paraconsistency is a modification of consistency so that paradoxes like the
> one by Russell's are admitted but still theories have meanings, i.e. such
> theories should be nontrivial.
> I agree with that this is a nice modification, and may be worth being
> researched.
definition: http://plato.stanford.edu/entries/logic-paraconsistent/

        I found this. It looks interesting!

Here is a philosopher's page on the subject:

In Japanese

A big list of different kinds of logics!

[I am reminded of what happened when the parallel postulate was
questioned! %^} ]

> But where is Baez's contribution in the news group more than a role of a
> moderator of the group?

        Oh, boy, Baez is *very* active in the discussions going on in the
sci.physics.research news group. I find that he has some very good ideas
[n-category theory] and would very much like to get him to take an
objective (unprejudiced) look at Local Systems theory to see his
response, since he is very much aware of the Problem of Time!
Unfortunately, the theory's implication that the Big Bang is an
(optical?) illusion is very hard for most to swallow! :-(
> Best wishes,
> Hitoshi
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