[time 968] Re: [time 964] LaTex version of my paper

Wed, 3 Nov 1999 07:51:52 EST

Time Group,
There are now PS and PDF versions of my paper at,


Still only need comments on the section about change.


Bill Eshleman

In a message dated 10/31/99 9:47:44 PM Eastern Standard Time,
WDEshleman@aol.com writes:
> Group,
> I completed a conversion of my report, "A Many-Worlds Wave-Object Paradigm
> for Quantum Inertia and Qunatum Gravity", to LaTex format. The section
> 'A priori Notions of Change', is the addition based on discussions with
> group.
> I need comments only on this section, but if you would be so kind as to
> comment
> on other sections, I would be honored. The download page is at:
> http://members.tripod.com/~EshlemanW/dlpage.htm
> I had expected that the DVI file would include my BMP figures, but this
> not seem to be happening (??). Therefore, the BMP files need to be
> downloaded too. The dlpage is a copy of Hitoshi's download page, as I am
> not skilled at HTML. Form and function comments are invited as well.
> My computer is protected by Norton Utilities, so please don't fear
> corrupting
> your computer with my files. I will have PS and PDF versions when I figure
> out how to include my figures in them. My Tex installation is called
> Sincerely,
> Bill Eshleman

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