[time 994] Quantum Computer Simulators

ca314159 (ca314159@bestweb.net)
Mon, 15 Nov 1999 05:05:11 -0800

I recommend looking at Andrew Child's Java code for starters:

Some of the code, like Matthew Harward's, doesn't look right,
he does spectrums on complex time series but as binary reals.

Tried to submit this to S.P.R:

>I'm sorry, this post is too speculative for sci.physics.research -
>it contains lots of far-out ideas which could be interesting, but
>nothing substantial to back them up.

>John Baez,
>moderator, s.p.r.

Which is encouraging.

I have a basic model for a quantum computer peripheral but
it's in the engineering stage at the moment.

I'm using a 'Dilbert space' instead of a 'Hilbert space',
so things don't necessarily have to add up.




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