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ca314159 (ca314159@bestweb.net)
Mon, 15 Nov 1999 05:56:25 -0800

Dear Hitoshi,
  I'm thinking it is like two bells which are clashed together
and then separated. They each carry with them a memory of
the past interaction. The decoherence is in that memory fading.
The "ringing" that these bells maintain for some time after
being separate are correlated.
This the ringing constitutes something that sounds alot like
Local Times, but I am not sure if I am interpreting your work
The resonances of the bells need not be exactly the same, and so
interactions may yield complex superposition effects at the time
of the interaction and may fade or decohere very rapidily once
the "local systems" (bells) are separated as distance. (The
red shifting being the damping effect of their interaction
memories ?) They will reinforce their entanglement via
local communications if the resonance between them is strong
(constructive interference) if they are near and the "red shift"
does not effect their phases relations too significantly.

Best Regards,

Hitoshi Kitada wrote:
> Dear Robert,
> ca314159 <ca314159@bestweb.net> wrote:
> Subject: [time 995] Local Times
> > Hitoshi,
> >
> > Would it be correct to say that your local time systems
> > are all entangled to some extent ?
> I need your definition of the word "entangled" before responding to your
> question: This word seems to me to be used in various ways.
> Best wishes,
> Hitoshi



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