[time 1001] The Logic of Time

Stephen Paul King (stephenk1@home.com)
Wed, 17 Nov 1999 15:08:29 -0500

Hi All,

        Have any of you read Johan Van Bethem's "The Logic of Time" (Kluwer
Academic Pub., London, etc. 1991) It is very interesting. There is a
brief mention of the incompleteness problem quoting Weyl on pg. 40:
"...whether every [invariant] relation may be so defined raises a
question of logical completeness which is as unlikely to be answerable
as the corresponding question of completeness for the axiom in the form
whether every true universal statement about points can be deduced from
the axiom (pg. 73)." from Weyl, H. 1963 Philosophy of Mathematics and
Natural Science, Atheneum, New York.
        I will be reading it further and will try to comment on it more. I
think that is is the ordering relation that need to be carefully
evaluated. The assumption that events are a priori ordered is Idealistic
at best! We need to carefully consider the computational problem posed
by the assumption of a priori orderings! Think of the entropy generation
required to sort into chronological order an arbitrary heap of
        The notions that Prof. Matsuno and Kitada have raised in their posts
and papers, perhaps will let us think about this more precisely. :-)
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