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Johan van Benthem : Papers to Appear


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12 Information Transfer across Chu Spaces
a model-theoretic preservation analysis of one central
category-theoretic account of action and information.
11 Invariance and Definability: two faces of logical constants. Draft.
J. Barwise, W. Sieg and R. Sommer, eds., Festschrift for Sol Feferman.
10 When are Two Games the Same?
G. Bonanno et al., eds., Games and Economic Theory (Proceedings LOFT-3, Torino).
9 Reasoning in Reverse
Preface to P. Flach and A. Kakas, eds., Abductive and Inductive Reasoning, Kluwer, Dordrecht.
8 Interpolation, Preservation, and Pebble Games
[With Jon Barwise.] To appear in the Journal of Symbolic Logic.
7Collected Papers
CSLI Publications, Stanford University.
6Correspondence Theory
Reprint with Addenda, Handbook of Philosophical Logic II, Kluwer.
5Higher-Order Logic
Reprint with Addenda, Handbook of Philosophical Logic II, Kluwer.
[With Kees Doets.]
4The Range of Modal Logic
Dimiter Vakarelov, ed., Journal of Applied Non-Classical Logics.
Memorial Issue for George Gargov.
3Logical Constants, Computation, and Simulation Invariance
Logica 98 Yearbook, Institute of Philosophy, Czech Academy of Sciences.
2Categorial Grammar and Dynamic Logic
M. Abrusci & C. Casadio, eds., Dynamic Perspectives in Logic and Linguistics,
CLUEB, Bologna.
1 Modal Logic in Two Gestalts
in M. Zakharyashev et al., eds., Proceedings AiML-II, Uppsala 1998.

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