[time 1082] Fractality of self hierarchy

Matti Pitkänen (matpitka@pcu.helsinki.fi)
Thu, 2 Dec 1999 13:32:11 +0200

TGD predicts infinite self hierachy. Proteins, DNA, microbutules,
collagen fibers, cell membrane, glands, organs, nuclei of brain,... cortex,
..., electromagnetic Mother Gaia, Corona of Sun,...

Fractality is basic property of TGD universe and fractality suggests
that selves might have same characteristic "cortex" size to "body" size
ratio. This might be the case!

The ratio of the thickness of solar corona (=about 10^6 m) to the radius
of Sun
(=about 5*10^8 meters), of the height 80 km of the wave cavity of Earth
to Earth radius
(=about 7*10^6 meters), of the thickness of grey matter of cortex (=about
1 mm) to the size of human brain lobe (=about 10 cm) as well as the
the ratio of the thickness of cell membrane (=about 10^(-8) meters) to
the size of
cell (=about 2*10^(-6) meters) have roughly the same
value of order $10^{-2}$. Thus it indeed seems that cell membrane,
cortex, electromagnetic cavity of Earth and solar corona
 might have the role of cortex in the fractal hierarchy of selves.


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