[time 1088] "Great vision" about p-adic evolution

Matti Pitkänen (matpitka@pcu.helsinki.fi)
Sat, 4 Dec 1999 14:25:57 +0200

I attach a latex file about ideas related to
p-adic evolution.

 p-Adic length scale as intelligence quotient for simple
atoms and molecules like Ca and H_20.

Evolution of DNA sequences and critical lengths of DNA
as revolutions, manysheeted DNA, coding of body geometry
to DNA and expression of it. Remarkably, single
DNA triplet corresponds with excellent precision to
the length scale 4*L(137): hardly an accident!

Also a view about how viruses, nanobacteria, bacteria,
eucaryotic cells, plant and animal cells could
correspond to p-adic length scale hierarchy.

And the identification of the basic structures of brain
in terms of p-adic length scales and suggestion
how components of conscious experience
correspond to various p-adic primes.

[There are latex readers which convert the text directly to
readable form. I think however that text is readable
as such: there are not too many formulas.]


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