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 Do you mean like the ideas in


                 Reviewer: delaurence@reporters.net from NYC
February 2, 1999
                 Jung included the comment that the 'natural numbers'
appear to be a tangible connection between the
                 spheres of matter and psyche... In other words - number
is pre-existent to consciousness, and forms the
                 basis for everything in the universe...As he indicates;
"Since the remotest times people have used
                 number to establish meaningful coincidences, that is,
coincidences that can be interpreted"... In that
                 respect, the following verification may be of some

Well, what I am trying to talk about is just that, but in an attempt
toward a formal mathematical model. :-) I am conjecturing that Hitoshi's
model of Local Systems is well suited to model the "sphere of psyche".
The world of matter, described by classical relativistic physics, is, I
believe, not to be considered as having definite a priori existence
independent of observation. Unfortunately, until I can properly state my
thoughts mathematically, my words are mere metaphors. :-(
    Key notion: There exists a duality between the behavior of matter
and the behavior of mind that creates a link between them. This duality
degenerates into a monism at the level of the totality Universe, e.g. at
the level of "no time" there is no differentiation at all between matter
and information.
    What is needed:
1) An analogue of the laws of thermodynamics for Information.
2) A more explicit definition of a "connection". I am proposing the use
of bisimulational equivalence, but am not making any progress with this.
3) A better understanding of how Koichiro's migrating inconsistencies
relate to the scattering behavior of LSs.



PS, Have most of the Time List subscribers read Penrose's book The
Emperor's New Mind?

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