[time 1133] Re: DELETE--Legal Cable T V Descrambler

Hitoshi Kitada (hitoshi@kitada.com)
Fri, 7 Jan 2000 02:55:19 +0900

Dear Paul and Members,

I apologize that the mailing list software "majordomo" could not reject the two
spam mails. Recently, especially since the end of December 1999, the list has
been receiving many attacks by spam mails, almost of which have been bounced
successfully by the majordomo. However, I am not able to handle the softwares to
reject spams that pretend to have no sender addresses, thus is understood by the
"sendmail" daemon as a mail from the localhost, i.e. from our mail server
ITSELF. I will delete them in the final record of the list when they pass the
guard of the mailing list.

As well I should appreciate it if any member could help me and let me know the
way to bounce such malignant and seemingly finally evoluted form of spam mails.
The following is the record of the most recent spam mail:

>Jan 7 00:27:16 metasci sendmail[19800]: AAA19800: from=<>, size=3622, class=0,
>pri=33622, nrcpts=1, msgid=<W89n4E8GWY0KjoPMX>, proto=ESMTP,
>et.gu []
>Jan 7 00:27:16 metasci sendmail[19801]: AAA19801: clone AAA19800,
>Jan 7 00:27:17 metasci sendmail[19805]: AAA19805: Authentication-Warning:
>ci.kitada.com: majordom set sender to owner-time using -f
>Jan 7 00:27:17 metasci sendmail[19805]: AAA19805: from=owner-time, size=3500,
>lass=-60, pri=951500, nrcpts=28, msgid=<W89n4E8GWY0KjoPMX>,
>Jan 7 00:27:17 metasci sendmail[19805]: AAB19805: clone AAA19805,

I again apologize my inability to handle the spams, and I hope you would
understand the incompleteness of any art of humans.

Best wishes,
Hitoshi Kitada

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