[time 1136] a request

Hitoshi Kitada (hitoshi@kitada.com)
Sat, 8 Jan 2000 13:38:36 +0900

Dear Members,

In moving this list to Lance's time list at egroups.com, I make a
request to you all that you allow me add all of you to Lance's time

If you would not agree with this addition, you could unsubscribe by
sending any message to


Here I add Lance's announcement at time@egroups.com on merging the
two list:

----- Original Message -----
From: "Lancelot R. Fletcher" <lance@interactive.net>
To: "To: "Time@Egroups. Com" <time@egroups.com>
Sent: Saturday, January 08, 2000 3:18 AM
Subject: [time] List merger -- Welcome to Kitada list members

> It is a pleasure for me, and a distinct honor, to announce that my
> Hitoshi Kitada has decided to merge his time@kitada.com mailing
list with
> this one.
> While this list has been mostly dormant for the last year or so,
the members
> of Hitoshi's list have been conducting an exciting, wide-ranging
> voluminous discussion on a number of issues relating closely, and
in some
> cases not so closely, to the question of time. I am looking
forward to the
> continuation and enrichment of that discussion here.
> Let me address a few housekeeping details:
> 1. Egroups website: Egroups.com hosts more than 200,000 mailing
lists. They
> have a very sophisticated web interface that allows subscribers to
> many aspects of their participation. I would urge everyone to
visit the
> site and become familiar with what it has to offer. The address
> http://www.egroups.com
> 2. Registration and password: Because most current subscribers
> subscribed to this list when the list was moved from another
server, it is
> likely that you do not have a password to log into the Egroups
system. Here
> is what you should do about that: Go to http://www.egroups.com.
Type your
> e-mail address in the appropriate space in the login section of
the page
> (use the address where you are receiving messages from the list).
> click on "forgot password." You will then be prompted to enter
your e-mail
> address again and a validation number will be sent to that
address. After
> you receive that validation number (which should reach you within
> you can click on a URL supplied in the accompanying message and
you will be
> taken to another login page where you will be prompted to create a
> password for yourself. If you have any problems with this, let me
know by
> writing to lance@interactive.net and I will take care of you.
> 3. List home page: Each list at Egroups.com has its own home
page. The
> page for this list is at:
> http://www.egroups.com/group/time/info.html. This page provides a
> considerable number of tools and features that may enhance your
> participation, including a "vault" where you may upload files
relating to
> the topic of the list, a section for links that you wish to share,
> facility for realtime "chat" or even internet phone conversations,
and a
> calendar for entering information about events (or scheduling
occasions for
> chat). If you wish, you can also read the messages posted on the
list at
> the website and you can post messages to the list as well. All
the messages
> posted on the list are automatically archived.
> 4. Archives from time@kitada.com: All the messages posted on
Hitoshi's time
> list have been archived and are available at his website at:
> http://www.kitada.com/#subs. Hitoshi's archives are available in
> different formats. In one of them you can read the messages
online, one by
> one, in HTML format. Or you may download files containing an
> month's archived messages in a single file, which may be better if
you want
> to do a keyword search. Incidentally, Hitoshi's website is
> designed and is a treasure-trove of interesting material; I urge
all of you
> to explore it: http://www.kitada.com.
> 5. Unsubscribing: Now that this list will be seeing some traffic,
it is
> possible that some of you will decide that you wish to unsubscribe
or modify
> your subscription in some way. If you wish to unsubscribe, you
may do that
> by sending a message to: > by sending a message to: time-unsubscribe@egroups.com. You can
> unsubscribe from the Egroups website. Please do not post
> messages on the list. If you find the volume of messages
problematic but
> remain interested, you have three other options: You may go the
> website and modify your subscription mode to receive daily
summaries, a
> daily full-text digest, or you may elect to receive no mail at all
from the
> list, in which case you would still have the option of reading the
> at the website.
> Again, I welcome the new members and invite all of you to
> actively in the discussion of time.
> Lancelot Fletcher, President
> The Free Lance Academy Foundation
> http://freelance-academy.org
> lance@interactive.net
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Best wishes,
Hitoshi Kitada

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