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ca314159 (ca314159@bestweb.net)
Sat, 20 Mar 1999 13:36:18 -0800

Ben Goertzel wrote:
> My inclination with this kind of discussion is to try to strip away as much
> mathematics and terminology as possible and reduce things to the level of
> ultimate simplicity, where the core concepts are laid bare.
> Mathematical tricks are not going to be enough to solve the current
> problems of physics.
> We need a conceptual innovation. Specifically, we need to figure out how local
> subjective realities combine to yield the global reality (which then in
> turn gives rise to the local systems that spawn local subjective realities).

Stephen writes:
> > The idea is to figure out how to:
> >1) How the quantity of time (past, future, "history") as it is
> >considered "classically" by observers is derived from the interactions
> >of LSs, which give us local clocks.
> OK, I think I understand this, but I forget what "LS's" stands for :(

I've pretty much memorized this link to Hitoshi's slides:

* Are you trying to quantify subjective time ?
* Are you trying to unify absolute Newtonian Time and Relativistic Time ?

As far as my objective time is concerned, I use east coast time, unless
I'm travelling and then I use whatever the locals use.
But all these are based on GMT, UTC or NTP from Boulder, Colorado or...?

There's no problem except for jet lag.

One way of looking at Hitoshi's LS's seems to form a network protocol
layer like TCPIP datagrams (discrete elements with their own time bases).
And now we want to layer on top of that, the concept of streams
(serially connected datagrams) and understand the resulting physical
interpretation of the network communications ?

Subjective time is a much more difficult problem because the
unconscious mind seems to be purely spectral-domain from what I've read
so far, while the conscious mind uses both spectral and temporal

Personally I think an "economic" model would be easier to work with
since that already has the subjective aspect built in as the market.



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