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Hitoshi Kitada (hitoshi@kitada.com)
Sat, 3 Apr 1999 19:09:12 +0900

Dear Ben,

I have read GOERTZEL.html It is most impressive paper that I have read
recently. I agree with your usage of the word "randomness," which I understand
as the randomness seen from the side of the observer/recognitioner, who cannot
know which choice it would do right now nor its probability unlike the people
who are at the position of forming a theory, looking things from the outside.

If one sees things from the outside, it would even be possible to explain
"measurement procedure" including Wheeler's delayed recognition by "quantum
eraser." (This might be a good exercise for mathematicians. :) ) But if one
is constructing/searching his recognition, it is impossible to explain what he
is doing: You explain this situation using Goedel's Incompleteness result.

I understand why you showed interest in my formulation: wholes vs. parts, when
seeing the part:

> Now neuropsychologists have shown that the role of consciousness
> in perception and cognition is precisely that of grouping, of forming

in section 3. I understand that grouping is important in your formulation as a
procedure of recognition.

Although I might disagree with Julian Jaynes' view that "(consciousness
evolved suddenly rather than rapidly, and that) this sudden evolution occurred
in the very recent past," I agree with your understanding of unconscious
awareness, which you describe by quoting Nietzsche and (somewhat contrastly)
Huang Po. I personally think they are experiencing the same thing. Just
Nietzsche found it in his philosophical thoughts/life, and Huang Po in the
things in daily life (Zen is a recognition or finding in usual life, so it can
be a common practice for general people who are not specialists).

I expect your article will be helps and a guideline for the people who are
trying to understand the procedure of recognition and want to go further.

Best wishes,

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