[time 117] coherentization and world-views

ca314159 (ca314159@bestweb.net)
Sun, 21 Mar 1999 01:41:01 -0800

Dear Ben,
  The coherentizing is the boundary thickness of the
  mental parts ?
  In this sense the photon tagging is an excellant
  analog because the angle between the polarizers
  is a parameter (spatial orthogonality/temporal coherence control)
  that brings the two-slit continuously from the
  classical particle distribution to the classical wave interference
  on the photographic plate.
  The "wave" aspects are macroscopic (unresolved) and as you remark
  these are more spirtual than the pragmatic "particle"
  resolutions. So the photon tagging mathematics seems a
  good way to model the connected dualism of these world-views
  in "consciousness".
  But you can see that the "conscious mind" is divided by this
  parameter since we can at some polarizer angle say the mind
  is thinking pragmatically (temporal domain) and at some other
  it is thinking spiritually or "wholistically" (really in
  the spatial domain) as opposed to holistically which is the
  range over which the parameter moves.

  The parameter is the ranges from determinism to non-determinism
  and can be said to controll the discreteness or continuity
  of the state parameters in the density matrix as well...




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