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ca314159 (ca314159@bestweb.net)
Sun, 21 Mar 1999 06:56:13 -0800

Matti Pitkanen wrote:
> On Sun, 21 Mar 1999, ca314159 wrote:
> Dear Hitoshi,
> Here's a picture worth a few words:
> http://www.bestweb.net/~ca314159/BISECTOR.GIF
> "Beauty" is 61.8 percent objectivity as the divine proportion
> seems to indicate.
> It seems to me that you Hitoshi, are at the root of our tree.
> Stephen is attacking it brute force and climbing every branch
> while maintaining a good center of gravity near the trunk.
> Ben is also clinging to the trunk but straying onto the branches,
> but not as much as Stephen. Matti has taken a side, and seems
> to have strayed onto one particular branch from which he cannot
> see the trunk of the tree but which is none the less a fruitful
> branch.
> [MP] I would say that side has chosen me(;-). I believe that
> for me the most useful thing to do is to formulate this particular
> approach as precisely as I can do it. At worst, the demonstration
> that this branch is not a fruitful saves others from doing it.
> [Robert]
> I hope I'm climbing the trunk and and seeing where you all are
> correctly, though I apologize for any hurt feelings if you disagree
> with this perspective.
> It's clear none of you are seeing any value in my points so I
> won't bother you with them further.
> [MP] On my side the problem is that I have no intuition in computer
> science and cannot represent interesting comments. I however read your
> postings and try to learn.

   I apologize for being emotional. As I remarked to Hitoshi,
   it is my character flaw, that none-the-less seems to have
   keep me from straying into the leaves of details. From
   where I seem to stand the branches have thinned out and
   there is very little detail left to speak of, but all else
   seems to fall below the simple ideas I speak of.

   Perhaps the Greeks and early natural philosophers,
   unencumbered by the thick foliage of Cartesian detail,
   lived on a smaller tree and so easily climbed up
   to its highest branches and saw much of what I
   am seeing.

   The larges branches which grew later and were explored by the
   Cartesians were all part of the tree which continues to
   grow. But the top of the tree, its trunk and the root are
   what remain consistent as the tree grows.




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