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Stephen P. King (stephenk1@home.com)
Sun, 04 Apr 1999 12:55:34 -0400


Ben Goertzel wrote:
> >I think here you miss the subjectivity. Who does play the tournament games?
> >Who does decide the darwinian group selection? Or Who does divide the universe
> >into material and cognitive spacetimes. Or whose body and mind are you
> >discussing? Who does make the step-wise adaptation? I think there is no model
> >valid without specifying for whom/which the model is.
> Each macroscopic system is its own subjectivity, dividing the universe into
> In and Out, or if you prefer, Mind and Reality
> (I identify Mind with the collection of patterns in the system, not with the
> system itself)

        Right. The Mind is the Hamiltonian of the information, e.g. bits +
relations. Reality is the body, having a Hamiltonian of its own, e.g.
particles + interactions
> The collection of subjectivities combine (by some kind of Feynman sum?) to form
> the intersubjectivity that we call Objective Reality

        The mutual inclusion/subsethood of Minds and and Bodies defines
objective realities. But there are many such realities... I call each a
> Or, this is the World According to Ben ;)

        This is the World according to Stephen ;)


        We all have our own World according to which we are correct! We don't
"see" *it* because is *instantly* adapts to changes in our
states/events, but we *do* see the worlds of others because they have
different scales, clocks, orderings, etc. and thus we see a delay
relative to the difference between our scales/clocks/orderings,etc. and
theirs. There is much more to this. This delay is a feature of



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