[time 153] reading

Ben Goertzel (ben@goertzel.org)
Sun, 04 Apr 1999 13:21:50 -0400

Hi all,

This discussion has exploded faster than I can really understand all the
concepts being
drawn in.... It is a lot of fun though.

I see now that I have three things to study

1) Hitoshi's theory
2) Matti's theory
3) Chu spaces

I am going to proceed in this order. I just downloaded Hitoshi's papers
and will print them
up and read them during the next 2 weeks (not to say that I will verify all
the calculations,
but I will understand a lot more than I do now, which is really just the
basic idea).

Matti, after this, I will read your book, which I think will take me a
month, because my
p-adic math hasn't been exercised in about 8 years. Until I do this I will
not be able
to comment very intelligently on the details of your theory, although I can
certainly continue
to make e-mail comments on a general level, as I have been.

Chu spaces I put at the bottom of the list because I feel that their
connection to physics
is fairly dubious, but I am willing to admit there may be something useful
in here.


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