[time 235] Re: [time 234] Multiboundaries = Orders?

Stephen P. King (stephenk1@home.com)
Thu, 15 Apr 1999 17:48:17 -0400

Dear Ben,

        Is there any analogy between the "inside - outside" properties alluded
to below and David Bohm's "implicate - explicate Orders"?



ben goertzel wrote:
> Well hitoshi,
> well my notion of boundary is hard for me to understand too, but i will try to
> elaborate it in a physics context when i get back from brazil (which is very
> nice!)
> you are right that the emergence of something from nothing is an archetype
> that is seen in the big bang and in my mathematical boundary explorations.
> I think this is not a coincidence!
> ben
>But this seems to capture Hitoshi's theory too, in a slightly different way.
>He is saying that different algebraic rules apply inside the boundary of the LS, than outside.
>I.e. he is introducing a boundarizing operator that defines an LS. Inside the LS, calculations are done with >amplitudes; outside they are done with probabilities.


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