[time 361] Re: [time 357] Re: [time 356] What is Information?

Hitoshi Kitada (hitoshi@kitada.com)
Fri, 28 May 1999 02:46:40 +0900

Dear Stephen,

I feel by your postings that you seem to try to define the subjectivity by
the degree of resonance to it. Or at least it seems to me that you need to
do so if you would proceed to the direction that information could play some
definite roles in your thought.

Maybe you could define a subject as the existence that can have some
resonance from others or other observers, thus subjectivity becomes a
relative notion.

Matti's "absolute information," if existed, might be a one that cannot be
reduced to other things like the axioms and undefined terms in mathematical
theory. We, the older aged people tend to think ourselves as the absolute
criterion to judge the validity of a theory. You young people seem
different. I feel this at classrooms when I am giving lectures to young
students and have feedbacks from them. They seem to judge by majority vote.
The truth seems not a one that should be judged by reason for them. Or it
might be more correct to say that their concerns are in their community, not
in the solitary truth. This generation difference might be the cause of the
difficulty of our communication. In other words, the problems you are
considering and the ones we are considering might be different. How do you

Best wishes,

PS I feel tired after today's lectures, which might let me write this :)

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