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Matti Pitkanen (matpitka@pcu.helsinki.fi)
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On Fri, 28 May 1999, Al Martel wrote:

> (AM) I am comming to this time page with a different mind set. My forte is
> electronics,computers,engineering,chemistry and training. I started out to
> attend MIT and major in chemical engineering and ended up in electronics
> and computers via the military. Needless to say that 43 years later I am
> still there. Even though I never spent much time in a college classroom
> (sorry=most classes are boaring) I have spent many hours of quiet time
> reading many areas. Believe me when I say that I am very strong in some
> areas and very weak in others. However in whatever area I choose to tackle
> I have very strong analitical capabilities and a very origional way of
> looking at things. This time list may allow me use my inate talents. I hope
> that you folks will put up with me long enough so that I may possible be
> able to contribute something useful to this endeavor.I an really not trying
> to blow my oun horn as these characterstics are not of my saying but are
> actually the result of psychological testing over the last 30 years=nothing
> has really changed.All Ireally am trying to do is help solve a problem in
> the best way that I know how.So if I appear to be out in left field kindly
> put me back on tract as Ireally will not have a problem with it.Sorry about
> the typing-I really do not know how to type and really do not care to
> learn. I would perfer audio/visual. I really feel that would save most of
> us a lot of time. Sorry about the long winded expose but I felt that if I
> were to open my mouth you should know a little who is doing the talking. I
> will get back to the mathematics of what we are really trying to do but
> before I depart I would like to ask a question.
> The question may not really be what is information really is but why we
> really have access to what we perceive to be information. It seams to me
> that if we have access to any information at all is due to the illusion
> that the hubble constant seems to tell us that the universe is expanding
> thus allowing us access to more information or just information in general.
> It may be quite possible that the the real reason it appears to be
> expanding may be due not to the hubble constant at all but due to the fact
> that we as a carbon based product collectively wish it to be so that we may
> continue to exist as a carbon based product until we are able to evolve to
> a higher level that does not require us to exist as we presently exist today.

In some earlier discussions with Stephen King we talked about
the possibility to interpret the future lightcone of Minkowksi space,
M^4_+ shortly [spacetime is 4-surface in 8-dimensional M^4_+xCP_2
in TGD framework] as
i) expanding cosmology with vanishing mass density
ii) locally as empty Minkowski space, no sign of cosmic expansion!

Thus spacetime surface X^4 imbedded as surface for which CP2 coordinates
are just constant, could be interpreted in two manners and one might argue
that cosmic expansion is illusory.

Situation however changes when X^4 is curved in such a manner that it
represents genuine expanding cosmology. Physically this means that
*matter flows radially from the dip of the lightcone* and the velocity of
particle at point (t,r) is r/t<=c and this gives rise to redshift also at
the limit when mass density vanishes. Therefore I regard cosmic
expansion as real.

> If this is really true it would interesting to know why we
>are allowed to
> exercise some control over how the universe evolves and how we could evolve
> to a higher level and still remain human beings.

In the framework of manysheeted spacetime each spacetime sheet
expands with its own rate, which means several Hubble constants.
To affect the expansion rate one should be able to do engineering
feats. To decelerate or accelerate the radial motion (with respect
to the dip of the lightcone) of entire
galaxies and galaxy groups! Situation might change if expansion is not
real but I find it difficult to see how this might be the case.


> Semper Altior====Al

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